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Information we store:

  • Your Full Name - This is used to identify you when communicating by email and text. It is also used by our payment processor to prevent fraud.
  • Your Email - This is used to contact you for any account related issues and keep you updated on available tests.
  • Your Phone Number - This is used to contact you when tests become available so that you can let us know what to book.
  • Your UK Driving Licence Number & Test Booking Reference - This is so that we can login to the DVLA website on your behalf to check for available tests.
Terms of Use

By signing up you grant permission for Electrokid Technology to manage your driving test booking on your behalf. Electrokid Technology or any of its associates will not be liable for any issues which may cause you to lose your test fee or cancel your test. We provide a full refund if you do not receive a notification about test availability within 2 weeks. Please read our full terms of use and privacy policy below.

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